Making dreams come true

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MONTROSE, Colo. Every child deserves to live a happy, lighthearted life but for some, like Montrose 8-year old Ginger Hughes, staying healthy means battling a life-threatening illness.

But there are people who dedicate their lives to granting wishes for kids just like Ginger and this week, she got to the surprise of her life.

When LuAnn Griffin from Make a Wish Colorado met Ginger at Children's Hospital in Aurora, she was blown away by the young girl's charisma.

"Ginger's spirit is her best quality, you meet ginger and you're instantly happy," says Griffin. "She lights up the room, her attitude, her spirit is nothing but positive and happy.

Griffin told Ginger she qualified for a wish and without hesitation, the 5th grader said she wanted a horse.

"Ginger's wish is very unique, this is the first wish to own a horse that we've had in Colorado," says Griffin.

Not only was the request unique, it was harder to grant than they had realized it would be. But with a little luck, they got it done.

The horse, named Glory, was donated by another wish family; a group of people who has seen first hand just how much these granted wishes can do for a child.

Ginger met Glory and cameras flashed as she embraced the pony whose mane was decorated with pink streamers - effectively making the young girl's wildest dream come true.

"All you need to do is just be brave," says Ginger. "If you're a brave girl, then you can do anything."

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