City to use water treatment facility for fuel production

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Alternative fuels and renewable energy have become a focus of the Grand Junction City Government.

Today council members voted unanimously to move forward with a project that would utilize locally-produced gas from an unlikely source.

The plan is to take the methane already produced at the Persigo Wastewater Treatment Facility, clean it up and transfer it to the city's slow-fill station; helping keep our air cleaner, and saving the city money on fuel costs.

"It allows us to significantly reduce carbon emissions to the environment," says Grand Junction Wastewater Services Manager Dan Tonello. "The financials look very well also, there's significant savings to move ahead with this project."

The federal government says energy and fuel providers must use renewable sources for a certain portion of their product.

The process helps off-set the negative affects of using non-renewable resources, and these renewable energy credits, as they're called, can provide a significant financial benefit to the city.

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