Indoor allergies could be to blame for wintertime sneezing

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. While it may not be peak season for outdoor allergies, if you've been sneezing lately, a different set of allergens could be to blame.

As people spend more time indoors with the cold temperatures, allergists said indoor allergy symptoms could arise.

"We have virtually no outdoor allergens, really no pollen in the air to speak of and so really if somebody is having true allergy this time of year you want to look at indoor possible causes," said Dr. David Scott, an allergist.

Mold, animals and even feathers in blankets and pillows could be behind the extra sniffling.

"Keeping a clean house can help to limit the irritation that many of us experience that's not always necessarily an allergy, but the mucus membranes and the nose and the upper respiratory tract can be pretty sensitive," Dr. Scott said.

Outdoor pollen counts won't start rising for another month or so, he said.

Allergists suggest over-the-counter antihistamines to help symptoms of all types of allergies.

But if your sniffling persists, you can see a doctor about getting a prescription nose spray.

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