CMU student says alcohol education is lacking at school

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Reports of a sexual assault, possibly fueled by drugs or alcohol, has some students at Colorado Mesa University concerned about the lack of substance education available on campus.

CMU officials admit it is a big challenge to offer multiple learning opportunities about alcohol abuse to students throughout their college career, but one student says that shouldn't be the case.

"You take a brush up course in math you should take a brush up course in alcohol education," Ashley Burner, CMU Student.

Ashley Burner is a junior at CMU and said she has never been offered or ordered to take a class about the dangers of alcohol or drinking responsibly.

CMU does not have any student groups focused on alcohol abuse nor do they have any mandatory classes to take before starting school, which isn't the case at many universities.

Officials said students can always talk to professors about any concerns they have and take advantage of mental health services if they make a decision they regret and want to talk about it. Some of the school's health and wellness classes also touch on substance abuse.

Ultimately, officials said the responsibility lands on the shoulders of the student.

"The reality is as young adults are getting exposed to a number of different freedoms for the first time there's a number of temptations that come with that," John Marshall, VP Student Services.

CMU does have an online education resource called AlcoholEDU that helps students try to change their drinking behavior. However, this is only used as an intervention method after a student has been cited for drinking.

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