12 year old raises money for those without clean water

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GRAND JUNCTION, Co A Grand Junction girl organized a walk for water today to raise money for those who are without access to clean water.

12 year old Jennifer Stuckenschneider organized a walk for water event at Colorado Mesa University today to raise funds for Unbound, an organization, that benefits the poor and marginalized across the globe.

Around fifty people showed up to walk a mile holding a gallon of water today, and 12 year old Jennifer believes age shouldn't dictate who can make a difference.

"You don't have to be in a special organization, you can help people by going to a walk and kids can help”

Jennifer organized a similar event for kids last year but her reach has spread to those of all ages for this year’s event.

The 12 year old was motivated to make a change after hearing her Kenyan pen pal has to work over a mile today to get clean water.

The gallons each person carried today represent the struggles of many across the world.

To donate to Jennifer's cause visit .... www.unbound.org/MyOutreach/JenniferStu

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