New GVT facility is set to open on Monday

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Grand Junction, COLO. Grand Valley Transit leaders celebrated the grand opening of the West Transfer Facility. The new park-n-ride location is set to start operating this upcoming Monday, April 13.

The $3.4-million project is a collaborative effort between the four governments that make up the Grand Valley Regional Transportation Committee. They were all present for the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the new facility that’s located near the Mesa Mall, on 612 24 ½ Rd.

“I’ll be able to park, leave the car there, ride the bus downtown, and just enjoy all the convenience that much bigger cities have, that we're really fortunate to have here in the Grand Valley,” said Dean Besser, who frequently takes the bus to work. Besser says that although we don't have the congestion of larger cities, he looks forward to getting to work more conveniently.

“There’s certainly a regionally significant location right here. Also closer to Fruita, and the transit connection to Fruita starts here as well,” said CDOT Region 3 Director, Dave Eller.

The new facility will offer extended hours from 5:00am to 8:30pm – and an indoor waiting area if bad weather warrants being inside with the necessary facilities.

“With this location, we're seeing so many people in terms of some of the businesses surrounding it. People using it as a destination coming over after work, getting to work, and they need to have these amenities available to them,” said Todd Hollenbeck, Director of the Regional Transportation Planning Office.

Grand Valley Transit officials also celebrated Stand Up for Transportation Day.

"We combined this together for this event today, and also to say this is the type of thing that your funding for gas tax pays for – and where it goes – and how it's being used in a community like Grand Junction," said Eller.

Eller says facilities like this are important because a good transportation system starts the growth of a lot of economic benefits.

This new facility will have room for six buses at one time, 49 parking spots, restrooms, and a waiting lobby.

CDOT says $10-million a year comes to them for statewide transit, which is why it's important for them to make the best use of that money with projects like this.

Mayor Phillis Norris says only 17% of this project was funded by the city council.

Stand Up for Transportation Day emphasizes the need for long term investment in transportation infrastructure in the United States.

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