Western Slope moms working together to end 'Mommy Wars'

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. From feeding methods to vaccination choices, mothers continually pit themselves against each other in a bid to be the 'best'. Dozens of mothers here on the Western Slope are determined to put an end to the so-called 'mommy wars' and embrace each other's differences and choices, instead of judging.

It looked like a photo shoot, with moms in the park snapping pictures, and holding up messages of support. The campaign to end 'mommy wars' here on the western slope took a look at hot topics in the mom world, including natural versus hospital birth, breastfeeding and even vaccinations.

Despite different views, they want every parent needs to feel free and comfortable to make those decisions for their kids without fear of judgment.

"I would rather have my kids protected so that's why their vaccinated," said Bailie Weaver, who vaccinates her kiddos.

"I believe God gave us everything we need in nature to help our bodies recover from diseases and illnesses," said mother Morgen Parks, who turns to natural medicine over vaccinations.

The campaign was put together by a group of women who use the social networking site for moms called ‘Grand Valley Moms for Moms’. They hope mothers can put aside the judgment and celebrate all of the other moms out there making different choices and raising healthy children.

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