Nursing job prospects remain promising in the Valley

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Soon-to-be nursing graduates from Colorado Mesa University are beginning to closely examine the job market they will enter in the spring.

For those looking to stay in the Valley, there's some concern that traveling nurses may be occupying the positions they're looking to fill.

According to CMU’s Director of Health Services, Debra Bailey, there's little job threat from traveling nurses as their stay is temporary and their assignments are specific.

Bailey says from her experience in the field the temporary needs of hospitals and health care facilities for traveling nurses don't decrease the demand for long-term nurses.

A traveling nurse position might seem appealing to some because of higher rates of pay but benefits often even-out with expenses in this job.

“Well I think two-fold, there is some increased pay but that is relative when you look at benefits,” says Director of Health Science, Debra Bailey.

In some cases, traveling nurses do not receive benefits packages and must provide their own malpractice insurance.

Department leaders from CMU say that the people you often see going into the traveling nurse profession are older people with more flexible lifestyles and avid explorers.

Colorado Mesa University says the population of traveling nurses hasn’t negatively affected the Grand Valley job market in the past, as typically 90-percent of CMU nursing students have a job offer by graduation.

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