Complaint of bacteria in the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool raise concerns about public health issues

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GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. A complaint of bacteria in the Glenwood Hot Springs therapy pool have raised questions about its cleanliness and possible health risks to the public.

According to the Garfield County Health Department, there is only a limit for fecal density in the water of the pools.

To monitor levels, the Glenwood Hot Springs pool tests for e-coli once a week and testing during august 2014 tests did come up positive for Pseudomonas.

Pseudomonas infections are caused by strains of bacteria found widely in the environment and especially after exposure to water.

The Garfield County Health Department says at this time both the CDC and Mesa County labs do not have an established limit for Pseudomonas in swimming pools.

They believe the testing to show baseline results for Pseudomonas that are only harmful to those with weakened immune systems.

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