New sneaker company opens in Montrose

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MONTROSE,Colo. A news sneaker company is taking the Western Slope by storm, the company has only been in production for 4 months and already they are becoming the talk of the town.

Sense of Motion Footwear was created by Oliver Marchal after the avid runner developed serious back pain and was forced to stop running.
He was told to try running bare foot, and was shocked when it helped.

So he scoured the market looking for a new shoe was unable to find one that helped his back like running bare foot did. That’s when he decided to make his own.

"I made my first pair myself and they just kind of looked like a pair of slippers and sure enough I ran a 50k and it went just fine, and then I made another pair and another pair and here we are today," said Marchal.

He then figured that if his shoes could help alleviate his back pain, maybe his designs could help others. Three years after he created his original design Marchal now has a factory opened up in Montrose.

He created his shoes using a simplistic design that is built to help the wearers return to their natural posture, the soles are flat and the toe area was left wide, and there is just enough cushioning to make them light weight and comfortable.

Not only are the shoes made by hand, everything is done in house and the small crew Marchal has said they are proud to be “Made in America.”

“We make everything from scratch; everything is made here, including the sole, the upper, the toe box everything is made here except the laces for now," said Marchal.

Right now shoes are available online or you can stop by their factor with an appointment, but soon that will change SOM Footwear will be opening up a Outlet store that will be open once a month, and then more as demand for their shoes grows.

You can find SOM Footwear products at