One step closer to closure for the Birgfeld Family

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. The community was out in full force more than seven years ago after 34 year old Paige Birgfeld went missing in June 2007. On Friday the community once again showed support for the Birgfeld family after the arrest of Lester Ralph Jones.

Frank Birgfeld recalled what it was like more than seven years ago when his daughter went missing.

"The words I would use to describe my feelings at one point where it was like they put my head in the blender," said Birgfeld.

And many of those emotions still rang true on Friday for Frank after an arrest was made for the murder of Paige. Paige’s remains were found more than two years ago, and Frank said he wasn’t sure an arrest would ever be made after so much time had passed.

"You know it's another chapter in the story," said Birgfeld. For Frank the arrest brings him and his family one step closer to finally getting some closure.

Some Paige's friends say they couldn't agree more in a text message Riina Krauss a close friend of Paige's said, "I am so relieved that an arrest was finally made, Paige deserves justice and her family some sort of closure, although the upcoming months will likely be exhausting and sad to re-live everything again."

Connie Flukey led the search efforts for Paige along with dozens of other community members and says today has been a long time coming.

"I always believed this day would come I didn't lose faith in that, it's a tough day," said Flukey.

Connie said there was an overwhelming outpouring of community support when Paige went missing and now the community is once again coming together after today's arrest.

“There’s a lot of celebration for the community, there were so many community members that came and helped with the search and all of them are very interested in this case and emotionally involved," said Flukey.

Frank Birgfeld also said he hopes the progress in the case will also bring him closer to being able to bring Paige’s remains home. Right now they are still being held as evidence.