GOCO helps Taylor Elementary design a new playground

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PALISADE,Colo. Great Outdoor Colorado chose six schools for their grant program that gives the schools that lack funding the money needed to upgrade their play yards.

Taylor Elementary School in Palisade was one of the schools selected and has already received $15,000 from GOCO to bring in a design team that will help them to build the best playground possible.

The school is in desperate need of the makeover, since its equipment hasn’t been upgraded since 1982 and some of the playground pieces are older than that. Several are original to the school which was built back in 1858.

Taylor Elementary recently held a walk-a-thon to try and raise enough money for the upgrades, but fell short bringing in around $9,000.

The Principal of the school, Jennifer Morrell, found out about the GOCO grant and applied immediately. She said she still can’t believe that they were one of the six schools chosen.

“We’re excited and we’re really looking forward to working with the kids to make it a wonderful playground,” said Morrell.

A key component in the grant is that the schools must build a design that is led by their students. Morrell said that they are currently handing out surveys to all 400 students to see what they want.

They will then create a student task force that will work with the design consultant to come up with a plan for their new playground.

The next step for the schools is to submit their plans back to GOCO who will review them and based on that each school will have the opportunity to win $114,000 to make those plans come to life.

The grants will be awarded in April of 2015.

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