150 jobs lost at the Bowie Mine in Paonia

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PAONIA,Colo. It was a stressful day for many of the residents in Paonia as rumors of layoffs at the Bowie Mine flooded the area.

Wednesday Bowie Resource Partners announced they were eliminating 150 positions out of their 344 full time employees at the Bowie #2 in Paonia.

In a statement the company said that due to the loss of a coal supply contract with the Tennessee Valley Authority and the diminishing demand for coal in the region.

But the loss of jobs doesn’t just affect the coal miners; it has a ripple effect down to the whole community.

Kristen Sieversten manages a local gas station in Paonia and says not only will this affect businesses like hers but many of the families financially rely on their spouses who work in the mine.

"It hurts a lot of families they're all family miners up there, everybody has wives and children and husbands and it hurts a lot we rely on the coal mines to keep this valley going," said Sieversten.

Many businesses rely on the families of the miners to support their business, and some say they are not sure how they will fair.

After last year’s shut down of the Oxbow Mining Company’s Elk Creek Mine most of the town was hanging on to the surviving mines.

Officials from Bowie say they plan to offer the employees jobs at some of their other mining operations; they will also give all of the workers 60 days of wages and benefits including a severance package.

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