Two dogs pay the price after being left in a car

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. On Sunday one dog was found dead and another in critical condition after being left in a hot car alone.

According to police scanner traffic one dog had to be rushed to the grand valley vet center.

This comes as a scary reminder that the heat is still around and that leaving your pets unattended can be a costly mistake.

Local pet owner, Becky Winegard said she thinks it’s morally wrong to leave an animal alone in a car.

"I just think that's morally reprehensible and given how quickly cars heat up it's just unfair to think that an animal is undeserving of the same treatment as humans," said Winegard.

Dogs don't have sweat glands so their bodies depend on panting to take cool air in and regulate their temperature.

Several types of dogs are at more of a risk than others like dogs with short noses, or long hair, and dogs that are young.

There is also a petition going around to bring this problem to white house, so that every state enacts laws against leaving animals alone in cars.

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