Mesa County checks up on its voting system

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The ballots have been cast and the results are in...Mesa County voting machines are ready for next month's primary elections.

Representatives from each party appearing on the ballot in June came to the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder office Monday morning to help conduct the logic and accuracy test on electronic voting machines.

Despite Colorado switching over to an entirely mail-in ballot system, these electronic voting machines will be available at polling stations for residents to use.

“It’s a good exercise because it makes sure that we have done everything that we can to make sure that it is counting accurately and then the equipment stays sealed until live votes are cast on it,” says Sheila Reiner of the Mesa County Clerk and Recorder.

On top of testing for accuracy, party representatives checked for potential ballot spelling errors.

Each political party tested 25 ballots and the county ran 108 ballots through the electronic voting machines.

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