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Re-Generating Soil Health With Organic Fertilization
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HEALTHIER Landscapes.

Western Colorado and Eastern Utah present a harsh growing environment with heavy clay soils with high alkaline and salt levels, but with the Soiltek process, your landscaping could have more rapid and lush growth while providing a safe and healthier outdoors for your family. Plants and other landscaping thrive without the need for chemical fertilizers and pesticides plus they require less water, which is especially important in our climate.

Soiltek applies microbes and water-soluble compost to lawns and injects microbes and compost into the soil around shrubs and trees.
With lawns, Soiltek also repeatedly aerates the ground to make sure applications penetrate deeply.

As microbes digest organic materials, they create soil conditions that nourish plants.
Moreover, lawns and landscapes grown in healthy soils require less water— as much as 25 percent less water in the first year and 50 percent less water the second year.
Soiltek offers residential and commercial lawns and landscapes, as well as services for athletic fields, golf courses, parks and even commercial agricultural operations.

SoilTek Organic Solutions is proud to provide services in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah.