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About Us

Welcome to Compass Medical Center. If you suffer from chronic pain, call our team today and find out how we can help.

About 56 Million Americans today suffer from the effects of chronic pain. That's about 20% of all the adults in the United States, and the numbers continue to rise. If you are experiencing chronic pain brought on by stress, medical conditions, or even from an accident, our friendly staff is ready to help you any way they can.

What's unfortunate for most people is that their pain could be relieved. They just don't know where to turn for help and many unfortunate people go untreated. Compass Medical Center is dedicated to helping you relieve your pain. We offer the best approach to pain relief and injury recovery through non-surgical approaches. We are committed to providing you with the best in health care techniques and technologies for an individualized approach to your health and well-being.

We offer services such as: Medical Services, Auto Accident Injury, Massage Therapy, Chiropractic Care, Weight Loss, Pain Management, Neuropathy, Migraines and Headaches, Physiotherapy & Rehab, and Spinal Decompression.

Compass Medical Center FAQ

Could Regenerative Medicine Be Right For You?
We are devoted to providing access and excellent care in regenerative medicine which will help people suffering from a variety of inflammatory and degenerative conditions regain their quality of life.

Do you have arthritis? Knee, shoulder, hand, hip, elbow, foot or ankle pain?
In increasing numbers, people are seeking non-surgical alternatives to joint surgery. Regenerative medicine is a great option for people who have been told they need joint replacement surgery. Regenerative medicine can potentially regenerate your joint and help you avoid joint replacement surgery.

Neuropathy symptoms range from numbness and tingling, to loss of balance or cramps. Many patients describe it as feeling like "walking on sponges" or the sensation of "pins and needles." By combining nutrition with a medical solution we are reversing the dengerative process. Using light therapy, nutritional counseling, and in office visits we can accelerate healing of the nerves. We invite you to come in for a free consultation and five-point exam. At Compass Medical Center we have several advanced programs to help you turn this condition around. If you’re struggling with burning pain, tingling, numbness, or even a loss of feeling, call our office today to see what we can do for you. Our doctors will sit down with you to see if you are a good candidate for care. It’s a great day to start your new life.

What Can You Expect From Medical Supervised Wieght Loss?
Compass Medical Center has successfully helped many patients to be successful in their weight loss battle, re-gain energy and vitality and completely transform their lives. We are proud to share our success with you and help you to reach your health and well-being goals using our trans-formative approach. In today’s high stress world we tend to treat health problems only when they have impacted negatively in our lives rather than being proactive in our approach to our health. Waiting until we have chronic pain or weight gain is putting our health at huge risk. A mix of bad nutrition, exhaustion, stress and pain can push the body into a downward spiral, leaving people feeling frustrated and hopeless. At our medical weight loss center, our approach to whole body wellness is more holistic and we look at everything not just isolated problems. With this approach we can help patients get regain their health and stay healthy for life. What You Can Expect: No Exercise No Foul Tasting Shakes No Hormone Treatments No Expensive Prepackaged Foods 10 to 30 Pounds in 40 Days Easy to Follow Fast Results We believe that weight loss does not have to be difficult. Our Compass Medical Center team can show you how you can lose weight without starving yourself or running on treadmills for hours. We understand the struggle that many people have with weight loss.