JUCO World Series: All-Tourney Team


IF: Elvis Peralta, Crowder
IF: Jose Caballero, Chipola
IF: Reynaldo Rivera, Chipola
IF: Sergio Macias, San Jacinto-North
IF: Kobe Morris, Crowder
OF: Michael Smith, San Jacinto-North
OF: Ryan Johnson, San Jacinto-North
OF: Chris Roller, McLennan
OF: Jacob Silverstein, Chipola
C: Max Guzman, Chipola
C: Jacob Kalusniak, Wabash Valley
P: Junior Harding, Chipola
P: Donny Diaz, San Jacinto-North
P: MacGregor Hines, San Jacinto-North
DH/UT: Josh Breaux, McLennan

Homa Thomas Sportsmanship: Travis Lallemand, Crowder
Robert Purkey Outstanding Pitcher: Evan Steele, Chipola
Jay Tolman Outstanding Defensive Player: Trey Dawson, Chipola
Bus Bergman Coach of the Year: Jeff Johnson, Chipola
Leading Hitter: Elvis Peralta, Crowder
Preston Walker MVP: Jose Caballero, Chipola

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