GJ Rockies respond to name change petition

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) A petition to change the name of the Grand Junction Rockies to the Grand Junction Humpback Chubs. The GJ Rockies responded in a tweet, and it's turned into a bit of a twitter frenzy. A lot of people have weighed in on it, in fact Thursday morning, the tweet almost had 1,000 likes and nearly 500 retweets before it was taken down.

This is what the tweet said from the Rockies:

"The GJ Rockies are not considering changing their name and never have. We are owned by a group led by the Colorado Rockies and having a team on the west slope helps build their brand. Suggesting we would be called the GJ 'Chubs' is offensive and a slang sexual term for erection."

We talked to Ian Lummis, a Fruita Monument High alum who started a petition to change the team name. He has been tweeting at the GJ Rockies since February about changing the name. He was eventually blocked by them on social media. Since he was blocked, he started the petition last week and after the GJ Rockies response, the name change blew up on Twitter. In addition to the Rockies tweet saying the name is unsuitable, it goes on to say:

Lummis said it was a surprise to see the name change take off on social media.

"I was just kind of hoping it would be a slower thing," said Lummis. "I always thought the name had enough to it that if somebody saw it, they might be like, 'That's hilarious. Let me run a piece on it.' I'm not a troll. I genuinely believe it would be a great team name for them and I don't want the name to be an erection-slang thing which is why every time I have tweeted it, I have had an accompanying picture of the fish so people knew what I was talking about."

"I definitely didn't foresee the team helping us out in the way we did by having one of those crazy tweets of all these crazy people online sending screenshots of and saying, 'What's going on over in Grand Junction, Colorado.' That was really kind of a gift from me to them."

Ian said he is still a fan. The GJ Rockies tweet has since been deleted. We reached out to the GJ Rockies for comment and say they have no intention on changing their name.

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