Crevier entertains and inspires

Tanya Crevier made her third trip to the grand valley.

The world famous ball handler performed at a Grand Junction High School assembly.

"I do a lot of programs in the schools with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes throughout the schools," Crevier says. "We get in the schools and get kids involved in FCA and they find their true purpose and meaning in life."

Crevier has been entertaining and inspiring for over 30 years,

"It just never gets old," Tina Snover, FCA Western Colorado Multi-Area Director says. "What's fun is the kids. We bring a smile to their face, a laughter to their heart and we leave them better than we found them."

Crevier stresses the acronym PATH meaning purpose, attitude, think of others and high standards,

"I really hope that first of all they saw the demonstration of excellence and that they would strive for excellence in their own life," Crevier says. "That they would choose a lifestyle of being a champion. Even in the little. Then the big things would come."

Crevier will perform at 6:30 P.M. on Wednesday at the Canyon View Vineyard Church.

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