Challenger baseball league is back

It was opening day for the Challenger Baseball League

"Challenger is just a beautiful gift for kids, that don't have the same abilities as the rest of us they just have different abilities, to still come out and play baseball," Co-Director Carma Brown says.

The league is in its 18th year of giving mentally challenged and disabled children and chance to play the game.

"It never gets old,” Co-Director Kelli Hamilton says. “You can see we're both smiling. The moments that were shared tonight are just so special.”

The league started with just over 40 kids and keeps growing.

"So now that we've doubled in size and have this amazing facility where we can play and accommodate so many kids in this sector that need a place to play baseball, we are so grateful beyond measure," Brown says.

Every week athlete's from different schools will be buddies to the players.

“How much it's actually grown in such a short amount of time just shows the impact it has and how much it means to the community,” Colorado Mesa Baseball Catcher Kyle Serrano says.

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