CMU Football: Offense carrying Mavs

CMU has scored 147 points combined in their most recent two-game stretch.

The Mavs recorded 683 yards of total offense against Adams St. and 564 against New Mexico Highlands.

"In most cases we're not just throwing the quick pass," head coach Russ Martin says. "We can do that and we've been getting six-seven yards on hitches and stuff. But we can also take the ball deep down the field. We got receivers that can go get it. It causes secondaries to have to play a little bit looser which opens up the run game."

CMU has the top-ranked offense in the RMAC.

"They don't know if we're going to pass the ball, go deep, hit them short or hit them with stretch or hit them with inside runs," junior quarterback Eystin Salum says. "When the defense is guessing they can't pinpoint any direction that we're going. It keeps them off balance and we're able to do what we want out there."

CMU will take on South Dakota Mines on the road on Saturday at 1 P.M.

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