Athlete of the Week: CJ Davis

CMU Men's Basketball guard CJ Davis is the only senior on the team this season.

Although he is the old head on the squad he brings a new-age swagger to the court.

"I always wanted to in high school or college play in a new pair of shoes, or try every game," Davis says. "I got a collection here and at home. But around 100 or so. Maybe more."

Davis's collection doesn't include your run-of-mill hoop sneakers. His favorite are the Air Jordan 11 Space Jam editions.

"Space Jam's are pretty cool to me," Davis says. It's one of my favorite movies."

Davis has almost as many basketball sneakers as he does career three-pointers. He led the team with 79 last season and 93 the previous year. He is averaging double-digit scoring this season.

Basketball culture is way passed short-shorts and headbands.

"With social media and everything it's like kind of having the on-court persona and just looking good on the court." Davis says. "You get a lot of pictures and stuff. So I feel like that's just kind of emerged on players having their own signature shoe.

Davis says the goal is to one day have a signature shoe of his own.

"You're definitely going to see a dark color with a white top," Davis says. "Definitely going to have a No. 3 on their. Maybe my initial on there so you know it's mine. Other than that, that's probably all I can give you for now until it comes out."

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