'Yes on 3A' bond measure, now changed to 'Yes on 4A'

Published: Sep. 12, 2019 at 11:12 PM MDT
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The ‘Yes on 3A’ campaign is now called ‘Yes on 4A’.

“We were already up and running and assumed that we would use the same numbering as we did in the last election,” says Campaign Chair, Dan Prinster.

The campaign says they got a little ahead of themselves and already printed out 3A yard signs for residents.

“Subsequently is turned out that the Secretary of State put through a policy where they redid some of the numbering, to reduce some of the confusion in the larger metropolitan areas,” says Prinster.

This means that school measures that were previously number three, are now named by four.

“Our initial reaction was wondering if there was any flexibility. But then we thought there’s a good reason why it was done,” says Prinster.

In July the school board approved to put a proposal on the ballot that would raise a $179 million bond to support the four high schools.

“It would totally replace Grand Junction High School and then invest money in Central, Fruita and Palisade to bring them up to fire code, make them more ADA accessible,” says Prinster.

The campaign says that those with signs in their lawns already can easily fix them. Supporters can pick up 4A stickers to fix their yard signs by heading to their website or contacting their Facebook page

“We have four high schools that will be invested in with this bond proposal and now we’re 4A, so it’s pretty easy to remember. If you’re supporting the four high schools, vote for 4A,” says Prinster.