Record breaking temps make outside work exhausting

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GRAND JUNCTION; Colo. A record-breaking temperature of 104 degrees was recorded at the Grand Junction Airport Tuesday afternoon.

Man employees work in an air-conditioned office, but for Jack Albirght, an employee for the City of Grand Junction, the office is outdoors in the triple-digit degree heat.

He was repairing cracks in neighborhood roadways Tuesday afternoon.

“We’re just trying to get all the street’s cracks filled in,” Albright said.

He said the job is usually complete done before the triple-digit heat,
but the spring rain caused delays.

“It’s kind of miserable. I can stand the heat but when it gets up to about 95 or 100 it’s a little bit rough,” Albright said.

Another job spent in the scorching sun takes place at the Palisade Peach Shack along Fruitvale Court off Interstate 70 Business Loop.

“You’re out here for a long time so you definitely have to bring water,” said Lacey Waters, who was helping her friend sell cherries.

According to the National Weather Service job sites in the heat should have a place of shade where workers can take breaks out of the sun.

“We definitely have our canopy to make shade and we have water,” Waters said.

Albright has some other helpful tips.

“We even bring buckets of water so we can kind of dip our rags and stuff into,” Albright said.

The rags also protect his neck from the burning sun.

“It seems to help so, anything we can do and then make sure that you keep hydrated we go through quite a bit of water this time of year,” Albright said.

He said he drinks about three 32-ounce cups of water while he’s out on the streets.

Doctors suggest at least eight ounces of water every two hours you are outside.

Albright said cooler weather is ideal for this job, not only for him, but also for the roads. He suggests motorist stay off the really black stuff they see, and if you can’t avoid it, just don’t stop or peel out.

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