Will Powderhorn still open on the 15th?

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MESA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Powderhorn Resort managers are hopeful for a December 15th opening date, but the lack of snow and excess of sun could cause a delay.

They've been firing up the snowmaking guns at Powderhorn. While temps have been in the teens and single digits with the latest cold front, there's been more sun than snow.

"Not a lot of snow, yet," said spokesperson Ryan Robinson. "We are doing everything we can to make snow."

Even with the last storm, the mountain barely got a dusting.

"We're working in 8 hour shifts over night to make snow," Robinson said. "But, we need a little help from mother nature at this point."

So far, the resort has been able to make about two million gallons of snow this season.

"For the most part the temps that we've seen at night are ideal snowmaking temperatures," Robinson said.

The lack of snow and frigid temperatures are causing another cold problem, a sort of hiring freeze.

"But before we can bring people on our full staff, full-time, we gotta get the mountain open," Robinson said. "So, mountain operations are working like crazy right now to get the mountain open."

That means, until the resort fully opens, about 350 people are out of a job. However, Powderhorn isn't the only resort feeling the heat.

"Chances for snow are looking pretty poor," said Julie Malingowski, a meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Grand Junction. "We're stuck in a high-pressure system in the Western United States, and there is no expectation of that high pressure breaking down anytime soon."

The National Weather Service said we're in a La Nina weather pattern, and typically snow for this kind of weather doesn't really start to fall until the early months of the new year.

As for if the resort will still open on time, it's all up in the air.

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