‘West Slope Advocate’ forms to hold local governments accountable

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MONTROSE, Colo (KJCT)- One man came forward wanting to advocate for people challenging their local governments.

The non-profit is just getting their feet on the ground and is planning to work with people who feel they've been wronged by their local governments.

He wants to help folks in similar situations like the liquor license case investigation and people looking to change policies like the increase in Montrose sales tax.

"We're really concerned about accountability, transparency within local governments of the entire West Slope and we're also concerned about policy fairness and making sure that policy fairness represents the working class citizens of the West Slope,” says Scott Damman, Principal of West Slope Advocate.

Though the group is based in Montrose, they do plan on working with the entire Western Slope.

Their goal is to pressure local governments to improve their residents' everyday life.

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