WATCH: KJCT interviews Country Jam stars Halfway to Hazard

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MACK, Colo -- KJCT News 8 Reporter Carly Moore caught up with Country Jam stars Halfway to Hazard. The group kicked off Country Jam on Thursday.
Is this your first time in Grand Junction?
Chad Warrix: I was here a couple of years ago. I played. It was a lot of fun. Also, I do a lot of dirt biking and mountain biking in this area.
So, you do take advantage of our mountain biking?
David Tolliver: Not mountain biking.
Chad Warrix: Jeeping. A little bit of everything.
David Tolliver: I can’t mountain bike. My legs won’t push a bicycle. It has to have a motor and four wheels. Hopefully be on a highway and have air conditioning… And a cooler… And a driver. A bus works better for me.
Chad Warrix: We go busing a lot here.

You guys are kicking off the first day of Country Jam. You’ve been here before and know the crowd, tell me what you are most excited about.
David Tolliver: Just getting in front of the fans again. We were out here in 2008. We went to Denver with Tim McGraw and Faith Hill at the Pepsi Center. I think that was what it was called then, right? Just let everybody know we are still around…we’re still kickin…And seeing all the beautiful Colorado girls. And Utah girls. And Montana girls. What’s south of here? New Mexico girls. Arizona. Just United States girls. Or from out of the country.
Chad Warrix: We go global… We just love getting in front of the fans, especially with such great campgrounds. Last night we got to go out and visit with a lot of the people in the campground area. It’s so much fun for us to interact with all the people who love music as much as we do. It’s going to be a beautiful day. It’s hot, but we are drinking lots of water, we’re staying hydrated. We get see some of our buddies play today. So, it’s a lot of fun.

So, you saw the wall-to-wall campers, people have pools out there, dance floors.
Chad Warrix: They’ve got it all. They’ve got TVs. We want to be out there. If we weren’t playing, we’d be out there doing the same thing.
David Tolliver: I would honestly rather be out there than with him right now.
Chad Warrix: Swimming pool sounds great.

So, what are you most excited about for the weekend. Are you going to be able to stop and enjoy some of the Western Slope activities?
Chad Warrix: Actually we have a day off tomorrow. We’re going to try and do some ATVing and just enjoy your beautiful mountains here and your outdoors. Maybe do some rafting. I’m not sure if we’re going to have enough time.
David Tolliver: I can’t swim.
Chad Warrix: We’ll get you some swimmies… He can dog paddle.

What are you excited for most out here?
David Tolliver: Hanging out with our friends. We’ve been friends with Lee and Tyler forever. We’ve known Lee for 15 years… Lived in Nashville together.
Chad Warrix: It is really cool to see all the musicians. You know Nashville is a really small community. Everybody knows everybody. It’s always good to slap high fives with each other. And to get up on that stage and play in front of so many people. We’re just so proud to be here.

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