Clerk and Recorder says that blowing ballots spotted were not fully inserted into dropbox

Published: Jun. 20, 2020 at 7:35 AM MDT
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More fuel has been added to the fire by the Recall Committee against Mesa County's Clerk and Recorder Tina Peters after a couple of ballots were spotted flying outside near a dropbox.

Amanda Polson who is also a part of the Recall Committee against Tina Peters, says that she and her group found a ballot on the ground. She also says other folks have mentioned seeing ballots flying away.

“People’s response to it is really what’s more concerning for us, and that is that there just appears to be a widespread distrust of the clerk,” says Amanda Polson, Recall Committee Coordinator.

In a press release, Tina Peters says surveillance video shows two ballots blowing off the lip of the dropbox on Spruce Street after a man in a pickup truck drove up to the box.

Peters says a woman walking up to the box saw them fly off and notified staff. The staff responded immediately and were able to capture the two flyaway ballots and insert them back into the dropbox.

Tina Peters says that if voters are not making sure they hear the ballot dropping into the box, it’s possible that it didn’t go in completely and can fall out.

“I think they’re capitalizing on the fact that they are trying to do a recall right now,” Peters says.

But again some say, whether or not it’s Peters fault, it’s a matter of trust -- hinting back to February when over 500 ballots were found uncounted.

“And when you can’t trust your elected official, it’s really time for that elected official to go, especially when they’re in a position like elections,” Polson says.

Peters says she instructed her election staff to post a sign that says "to make sure your ballot is inserted fully."

Her staff inspected the box and says that no tampering or issues were found with the slot.

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