Video indicates Fruita Monument teacher made student 'blacklist'

Published: Apr. 12, 2019 at 8:36 PM MDT
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A Fruita Monument High School teacher was caught on camera apparently plotting to make a 'blacklist' of male students, she also makes several sexual references.

In the video obtained by KJCT News 8, Amelia Bornert appears to be talking to a student who is secretly filming her. She talks about making a 'blacklist' of sorts using Google Docs.

"There would be like a master administrator, no one would know who the administrator is because it's a fake Google account," she says in the video.

At the end of the video Bornert says the male students on the list, "don't deserve girls."

The video ends as Bornert laughs with the student behind the camera saying, "If we all boycott them, they won't get any p***y. We can give them some Vasoline as a parting gift."

We talked to students at Fruita Monument, they say most of the students at the school have either heard about the list or have seen the video firsthand.

"It hurt a whole lot of people's feelings," a student at the school told us.

We reached out to District 51. A spokesperson for the district tells us: "All incidents involving students are taken seriously. Although state law prohibits us from discussing details of personnel matters, parents and students can be assured that we investigated and handled this situation appropriately."

Students tell us Bornert is still at the school.

"I think she crossed a line that really nobody should cross," another student said.