Utah Dad Creates 300-Foot Luge Run in His Backyard

Published: Jan. 9, 2017 at 1:14 PM MST
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One Utah dad is the talk of his neighborhood this winter, thanks to a giant luge run built in his backyard.

Thomas Williams said with the help of his children, he constructed a 300-foot luge run, where kids can slide to their hearts' content.

"I've got 15 kids, and they all shovel lots and lots of snow," Williams told local ABC affiliate KTVX.

The luge, built in Williams' backyard in South Jordan, Utah, allows kids to sled down the white stuff for approximately 23 seconds.

Williams said that he started building the luge run back in December.

"We actually made most of the luge right with the snowstorm that came right after Christmas," Williams said. "So they were ... stealing snow from all the neighbors' yard[s] and bringing it here to make the luge."