Too much heat, not enough snow

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) -- It's the last day of October and we are still enjoying shorts weather outside. It may seem like we are never going to see snow.

The warm temperatures do bring up some concerns for ski season. Ryan Robinson with Powderhorn Mountain Resort said they are not concerned.

“Up here on the Mesa the temps are going to drop over the next month or so and that’s when we are going to be able to start making snow,” Robinson said. “While natural snow is the best and we would love to see it; we’re in a good position to be making some snow in the next month or so.”

According to the Climate Prediction Center, temperatures are expected to remain above average throughout the month of November for the entire state of Colorado.

“We have tested all our water lines, so as soon as those temperatures drop we will be ready to start making snow,” Robinson said.

Last summer Powderhorn doubled the amount of acres they can make snow on.

“That makes us a little less reliant on natural snow, on mother nature,” Robinson said. “That really helps things having that increased snow making capacity up here.”

They plan to start making snow within the next couple of weeks. Opening day is still scheduled for December 15.

“We don’t see any reason why the opening date is going to change,” Robinson said. “Of course, it’s Colorado so there’s a good chance that the forecast could turn around and we could be looking at an early opening.”

In Grand Junction the average first measurable snowfall typically doesn't arrive until November 17.

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