There’s no place like hemp homes

MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Thinking of remodeling your home? Look no further than using Hempcrete. A company out of Boulder is hoping to change minds by using hemp from the cannabis plant to build homes.

"There are 50,000 different uses for hemp,” said Jona Williams, soon to be owner of a hemp home.

It's a budding industry that's growing fast.

"It is going to come down significantly in price to where it should be cheaper to use this than conventional materials,” said Kelly Thornton, CEO of Left Hand Hemp Company.

Left Hand Hemp is currently working in Montrose County on several buildings that are 100 percent natural, because of their special hempcrete mixture.

"When you take the cannabis plant the green skin on the outside is the fiber, the herd is the outside woody core,” said Thornton.

The use of hemp dates back to Roman times, but now that several states have legalized the use of marijuana, this company is tapping into the industry.

"One bail of hemp and you put it into a mortar mixture which we have right over here you mix it in with the hydraulic lime and then you add water, once that's mixed for about ten minutes, you take it over and dump it into the wall that has been formed like concrete and you just pack it down,” said Thornton.

They say it’s more sustainable, grows faster than trees and is mold resistant

"Once your coat them with basically a limestone product which is hydraulic lime, it renders it fireproof,” said Thornton.

Once they start packing the hempcrete, 30 minutes later it’s dry!

"The other thing with hempcrete is, it strengthens over time, so rather than with typical concrete, where 30 to 40 years you're getting sag, your actually getting stronger over time,” said Jona Williams, CFO Blue Dog Hemp Company.

The owners of the land are also into the hemp industry, they are planning on growing the plant for CBD's, oils, and medicinal purpose.

"So we have about 160 acres, so about 320,000 plants,” said Williams.

Left Hand Hemp hopes to create a nonprofit in the future, making homes for the homeless. In their spare time, they host educational seminars to teach the public about their product.

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