Teen attacked by bear is from Grand Junction

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A 19-year-old attacked by a bear at a campground in Boulder County is from Grand Junction. But it's not stopping his love of the outdoors. He said he's sleeping in the same spot he was attacked.

Dylan McWilliams was sleeping outdoors with four others at a summer camp in Boulder, when a black bear sunk its teeth in the teen’s skull. He was left with nine staples in his head.

The Grand Junction teen said he camps on Glade Park and the Grand Mesa when he's in town. His grandfather taught him everything he knows about the outdoors, including how to fend off a bear.

“I thought I was going to die,” McWilliams said. “When I reached up I could feel its teeth in my head so I started pulling on its lips and trying to poke its eyes and I think it dropped me because I was doing that.”

McWilliams said the four others he was camping with helped right away to scare the bear off and put pressure on his wound.

The young man is already back to work at the camp.

“I ride horses a lot and they say if you get bucked off, you get right back on,” he explained. “I love the outdoors and I plan on sleeping out tonight in the same place that it happened just to get back on and try to not be afraid.”

McWilliams said he hopes to one day become a Mesa County Sheriff’s Deputy and offer wilderness survival classes to help other outdoor enthusiasts who may face danger, like he did.