Talbott's can't release new ciders thanks to government shutdown

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT) -- Wednesday is day 19 of the government shutdown. From national parks to tax returns, a lot has come to a screeching halt.

To add to the list, the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau is also closed, and that means breweries around the nation are struggling to put out new beers. Because of the label on the outside of the bottle.

Local buisiness, Talbott's Cider, is one of the companies impacted.

"The challenge is the government requires us to have their approval before we can market a lot of our products, but they say until they sign off, we can't sell," Bruce Talbott, farm manager, said.

It's not what goes in the bottle that's the issue, but rather, what's on it. The federal government has to approve even the smallest text on every bottle you take home. They look at alcohol content, copyright problems and make sure the public isn't being mislead on what's inside.

But without that federal approval, Talbott's won't be able to introduce new beverages in a bottle or can.

"We are going to bring another cider on board here that is probably a month out," Talbott said. "We would really like in a month to be able to put that on the market."

Which means instead of sipping on a new local cider this spring, you may have to stick with what's already on the market.

"We like to bring in new products in spring," Talbott said. "Restaurants are changing menus, liquor stores and wine outlets are changing their programs. We would like to be ahead of that curve each time and get in when those openings occur."

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