Sunset Mesa building gets new lease on life as Life Choices moves in

MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- The building that housed Sunset Mesa Funeral Directors has officially been sold.

Megan Hess and her business are still under FBI investigation, but the new owners of the building are hoping to give the location a new lease on life.

The FBI and Attorney General’s office says there are no new updates to this investigation; it’s still active and ongoing.

"It's very frustrating,” said Judy Cressler, Sunset Mesa Victim.

For hundreds of victims like Judy, the wait for answers continues.

"We want her [Megan Hess] to be arrested. We want all involved to be arrested,” said Cressler.

As many sit and wait, it's the building that's moving on.

"Because of the generosity of this community and the donors we were able to finally make a decision and make a move,” said Gigi Bechthold, Executive Director at Life Choices.

Gigi is the new owner of 155 Merchant Drive. She helps run Life Choices Family Resource Center in Montrose.

"The space was so perfect, and I really feel it's like a redemption story for the building,” said Bechthold.

Life Choices is currently located near Montrose High School, allowing students in need a safe, discreet place to get advice. That location was getting too small, so they fundraised. After more than five years, the dream of expanding is finally a reality as they move into the old Sunset Mesa location.

"I believe that this new location is going to provide a little more anonymity,” said Bechthold.

This nonprofit, pro-life pregnancy center has been in Montrose for the last 34 years.

"All of our services are free and they include pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, parenting classes, prenatal classes, everything from labor and delivery to how to swaddle your baby,” said Bechthold.

They say the need for their center is high.

"Many of our clients are young, teen moms, and a lot of times they do still live with their parents so we help them navigate those waters as well,” said Bechthold.

As for some of the victims of Sunset Mesa, they say this may be the best outcome.

"I felt as many others did that the building should have been torn down or used as fire department training, but if it isn’t, and it looks like it isn’t, I can't think of a better place to go into that building…it's the opposite end of the spectrum from death and treachery and betrayal. There's no better symbol of life than pregnancy and babies,” said Cressler.

Life Choices say they usually have around 1,100 visits a year, some are returning customers coming for weekly classes.

They offer pregnancy, labor, and baby classes and can help with supplies. They currently have a grant to get new car seats free of charge.

A popular program is "Earn While you Learn," if you show up on time to your classes you can earn "baby bucks" to get new clothes, diapers, and furniture for your newborn.

They say the building sold for around $430,000 and they hope to open by May.

For more details give them a call at (970) 249-4302 or check out their website which is to the right of this article. They also accept gently used items and cash donations.

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