Summer puffing could set you up for robbery

Published: Jul. 19, 2019 at 6:57 PM MDT
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A Facebook post from the Grand Junction Police Department is a good reminder about puffing during the summer.

On Wednesday police were called for a stolen vehicle that was left unattended near 17th Street and Orchard Avenue. A man parked, and left his car running to get something from his house; when he came back his vehicle was gone.

Police say the suspect has since been arrested.

“There's no ill intent when people leave their car running and unattended, but it's a law for a reason. It's largely about prevention and about keeping our community safe, and less about enforcement," says Police Information Coordinator, Heidi Davidson.

With the recent heat, people may want to leave their air conditioners on to keep their car cool. Remember, most vehicle puffing is illegal in the state of Colorado.

However, if you drive a newer vehicle that prevents your car from being taken without the key fob, then you are abiding the law.