Students United: Let's not forget about gun violence

Published: Apr. 8, 2019 at 8:36 PM MDT
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Grand Valley Students United says the conversation about gun violence needs to keep happening, even when we aren't seeing extreme examples of it in the news.

"We're trying to restart the conversation," Johneth Price, a GVSU member, said. "It's kind of died a little low recently in the Valley."

They hosted a conversation about gun violence Monday night to do just that. In that meeting, they talked about taking steps to make it harder for people who shouldn't have guns to get them, but they say flat out bans aren't the way to go.

"We can't just polarize a topic because the thing is, when it's something that's impacting lives such as gun violence, it's important that we're able to create action without making it a politically polarized topic," Price said.

Instead, they hope to talk about overall gun safety, raising the age of buying a gun to 21 and strengthening the background check process.

"We're just trying to have people notice other ways that we can take action without necessarily jumping straight to bans," Price said.

Gun legislation has been in the spotlight here in Colorado recently as a 'red flag' bill waits on the governor's desk to be signed. It has sparked anger throughout the Western Slope over the unconstitutionality of being able to remove someone's guns without due process.

This group says they're not taking a stance on that bill, they just want the gun conversation to keep happening here in the Valley because for students sitting in school every day, it matters.

"School shootings have become really prevalent, we see them on the news all the time," Price said.