Stroke survivor builds furniture despite disabilities

FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A Fruita man suffered a stroke back in 2014, and can only use one of his arms.

His name is Kahale Reis, but he's putting that arm to good use. Kahale stays busy making furniture in his own workshop, and has had some success selling the furniture online for some income.

His wife says the stroke may have taken parts of him, but not his heart.

The couple is coming up on 20 years of marriage, and has five kids to support, but they are choosing to stay positive.

"The stroke that he had didn't alter his personality. It didn't alter his ability to have relationships with us. It didn't alter his memory. And it didn't alter his ability to be a father, and I think that's really what's most important," said Kahale's wife, Sylvia Reis.

Sylvia says he tries to make it to the gym to work out almost every day.

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