New stoplight going in at 29 Road, Unaweep Avenue

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- Plans are in the works to put in a new stop light in at 29 Road and Unaweep Avenue in Grand Junction.

The intersection can get busy, especially during rush hours. Residents said they have been wanting a stop light for some time. Turns out, so has the city.

"The line gets way backed up and you just sit there and you crawl and you wait and you wait and you wait and that's basically the biggest problem," said resident Gina Larkin.

"It's needed, it's very needed. There's enough traffic particularly in peak hours when people are going to work and coming home," said resident Thomas McKenzie.

The intersection was reconstructed in 2003 with a stop light in mind, eventually. But back then, it wasn't busy enough to merit a stop sign. After the 29 Road bridge was built, that changed.

"The volume of traffic increased a lot in 2007 when the new bridge was open," said Paul Jagim, a transportation engineer for the city.

"Ever since that bridge has been put in, oh very busy," said Larkin.

The solution is a new stoplight, and surrounding neighbors are thankful.
The city says roughly 13,000 cars drive through 29 Road. every day, and 6,000 through Unaweep Avenue.

"That's just more than can be handled reasonably with a stop sign," said Jagim.

With that many cars, it's been tough to make a left turn.

"What we would see during the morning rush hour, in particular, was a long queue of vehicles trying to make that left hand turn," said Jagim.

"Sometimes I'll get fed up and I take a right and I'll turn around and get back on 29 Road because I'm sick of waiting," said Larkin.

The city said the light should be up by April 1 and will include a left turn arrow. They said the main reason they chose to put in a traffic light at this intersection was that of the amount of traffic.

They said there were more than 200 cars turning left per hour during the morning rush hour. Other reasons to put in a stop light could be the amount of pedestrian traffic and crashes.

Currently, Century Link, Spectrum and Xcel are burying their lines to make room for the lights.

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