Still time to correct "rejected" ballots

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DENVER (AP) - Some Colorado voters checking the status of their ballots online are finding that they've been listed as rejected but officials say they'll have time to make sure they get counted.

You can check the status of your ballot by Clicking Here and going to 'Find My Registration.'

Ballots can be listed as rejected because a voter didn't sign the envelope when returning their mail ballot or the signature looks different than the one on file in registration records. Also, first time Colorado voters are required to provide a copy of some identification with their ballot, and, if that's missing from the envelope, those ballots will be listed as rejected too.

The spokeswoman for the secretary of state's office, Lynn Bartels, said voters can go to their clerk's office to prove the validity of their ballot on Election Day. But they also have up until eight days after to settle things which is one of the reasons the results posted Tuesday will be listed as "unofficial" results, subject to some changes.

The spokeswoman for the Boulder County clerk's office, Mircalla Wozniak, said the issue comes up every year but more people are looking up their status online this year, rather than just getting notified by a letter or email from the clerk.

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