Snow, slides close Red Mountain Pass for 'undetermined' amount of time

Snow removal near Mount Bachelor in Bend, Oregon, Photo Date: 2/11/2019 / Cropped Photo: Oregon Department of Transportation / CC BY 2.0 / (MGN)

CDOT posted late Monday night that snow slides brought several feet of snow onto Highway 500 forcing the closure of the road. They said the road would be closed for an 'undetermined' amount of time.

In the post they write, "more than a half mile of snow slabs, 10 to 30 ft. deep in some areas, have fallen onto the highway. The snow slide includes an extensive amount of debris, limbs, trees. Extra equipment is needed and has been called in from others areas to clear the highway.

At the time, they offered several aternative routes that were open.
You can always check the CDOT website, COTRIP.ORG for the latest road conditions.

US 550 Coal Bank/ Molas Passes
US 160 Wolf Creek Pass
CO 145 Lizard Head Pass

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