Skiers still up on the Grand Mesa

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- It may be May, but skiers are still up on the Grand Mesa enjoying the snow.

One Grand Valley resident, Martin Wiesiolek, continue to head to the top of the Mesa to go skate skiing.

“It's a style of cross country skiing where you propel yourself forward as if it was a skating motion,” said Martin Wiesiolek, skier.

He says if you want to ski this time of year, you have to go in the early morning for peak conditions. If you wait til late morning, the packed snow will turn to slush.

"Crust skiing is a springtime phenomenon when the snow, that normally would've been too soft or too deep to skate ski on, goes through multiple phases of cycles of freezing and thawing. A crust, like a pie crust, forms on top of that snow," said Wiesiolek.

He says the Grand Mesa is one of just a few places where you can ski this late in the year. There's still about five feet of snowpack at the top of the Mesa. Wiesiolek hopes to ski up until the first week of June.

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