Service dog situation

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MONTROSE, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT)-- A woman in Montrose says her service dog was sent away for weeks for training to help her disabled daughter, but when the dog came back, it was obvious it wasn't trained.

Her dog, a German Shepherd, is in training to help out her daughter Betty, a girl confined to a wheelchair who has cerebral palsy.

His owner claims he was sent away for service animal training, and was supposed to learn obedience, but he came back worse than before.

However, we reached out to the trainer that handled this and she says, service dog training can take over a year to complete, and the dog wasn't sent back for more training.

"Expecting a dog to do a job, has just left a lot on our plate, to pick up the training, and find new trainers," said service dog owner, Jennifer Lujan.

"I brought the dog home, so it could socialize with with its family, and then they said they didn't want him to come back," said the dog trainer, Kelly Everett.

The Rocky Mountain American's with Disabilities Act Center says there's really nothing that oversees service dog trainers.

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