Scam warning: Texts claim to be from FedEx, Amazon

FedEx tweeted an alert, saying hoax messages claiming to be from the shipping retailer tell people that they have a package then give a link to click. (Source: FedEx/CNN)

(CNN) - FedEx is telling customers about a text and email scam claiming to be from the company. They warned people not to click on the link.

The shipping retailer tweeted an alert Wednesday. The hoax messages tell people that they have a package then give a link.

FedEx says the messages are not from them.

It's advising, "Suspicious messages should be deleted without being opened."

FedEx also says people should report the emails and texts to them at

In Louisiana, a financial crimes task force warned about similar texts that claimed they were from FedEx or Amazon.

The Bossier, La. task force said bogus links in texts could download malware to someone’s phone that steals personal information, KSLA reported.

Others offer a free gift but ask for credit card information and then make unauthorized charges.

Investigators recommended blocking the number that sent the text as well.

Phishing is a common practice of criminals trying to get information by posing as a legitimate entity over the phone or by email. When it's done by SMS or other text, it's also known as "smishing."

Amazon has more on identifying false or scam communications on its website.

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