Salvation Army delivers school supplies to families in need

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) School may not be held in the classroom right now, but kids still need their school supplies to learn at home. Our local salvation was there to help.

The Salvation Army is delivering school supplies to families in need who registered online.

"We’re all kind of learning on the fly as we experience this remote learning,” said Salvation Army Captain Amber West. “We just wanted to help families in our community."

One hundred ninety-three families signed up, servicing about 500 kids in Mesa County.

"Awesome. Especially with everything going on and kind of not being prepared because we weren't exactly expecting everyone to be home," said Mollie Munoff.

The Salvation Army went door to door making deliveries and helped all who asked for it.

"At the Salvation Army, we like to just meet people's needs right where they are at,” said West. “We're open to everyone. If there is language barriers, sometimes we can find translators if needed."

For some families, these supplies will help them carry on the kids learning at home.

"We have a newborn so we can't exactly afford all of the new school supplies,” Munoff said. “It's definitely hard. My daughter has special needs. She's delayed so having this resource to write, have everything that we need laid out for us is extremely, extremely helpful."

With everyone trying to practice social distancing, this service is a safe way to help those in need at home.

"It's extremely helpful because if you can't get out, it's really hard because we have an immunocompromised in our house,” said Munoff. “We can't just run out to the store and buy everything so it's really helpful that we have the supplies now for the school year."

Most of their work they do through social media and they have been able to communicate with those in need online.

The Salvation Army is re-opening its school supply program. If you would like to donate or get more information on how you can receive help, visit their Facebook page: