STRiVE ready to say goodbye to outdated building

Published: Jan. 9, 2019 at 8:28 PM MST
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STRiVE, a group in Grand Junction that supports people with developmental disabilities, is moving to a new location next week and they say it's not coming a day too soon.

From water damage, to not being able to use the internet, to having walls so thin it's hard to keep patient's information confidential, the building STRiVE is in right now isn't conducive to helping those they serve.

They say the new location, at 790 Wellington Avenue, has many benefits. The phones and internet work, for one, the building is sound and secure, it's in a central location that allows for easier access and the spaces inside will allow for services to expand.

STRiVE says this will help them serve people with developmental disabilities to a much greater capacity.

"We support them from birth to end of life," Doug Sorter, vice president of STRiVE, said. "That could be 90 years. We want to have a facility that is going to have a future along with them so that they know where to go, they know that they're going to receive those services and we're providing the longevity that's going to be instrumental in providing those services. So this is going to be a great fit."

STRiVE will be moving January 17 and 18. They will still provide all necessary services. They've also set up a temporary phone line which is (970) 462-8357.