Roice-Hurst pets looking for foster homes

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT)-- The best way to beat the COVID-19 blues might just be with a foster pet.

Roice-Hurst has launched their COVID-19 Companion Pet Fostering Program. As the virus causes more restrictions on people's lives, their fear is that the shelter will see a large demand for resources or taking in pet's that people cannot care for while under quarantine.

The goal is to get adoptable pets from their shelter into good homes temporarily to make extra room.

Roice-Hurst has 31 cats and 27 dogs looking for foster homes.

"Fostering a pet brings tons of positive benefits for the people who are fostering," Says Anna Stout, Executive Director of Roice-Hurst. "Especially for people who are cooped up at home because they provide a sense of companionship and when you're focused on a pet it takes your mind off of whatever is happening around you."

The shelter is still processing adoptions by appointment.

You can call them at (970) 434-7337.

Here's a link to their Foster Program:

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