Report of bear sighting near Duck Pond Park

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO/KJCT News)-- Reports of a bear sighting have officials warning you to be 'bear aware'.

Grand Junction Police confirmed a report was filed of a bear seen near Duck Pond Park on Grand Mesa Avenue. Law enforcement did respond but couldn't confirm the sighting.

CPW says bears are going into Hyperphagia, stocking up on all the calories they can before going into hibernation for the winter. That means they're looking for food and will wander into any areas they think they can find it. Often times that means residential dumpsters, campsites or parks.

"Don't make the bear feel welcome. Do what you can to drive that bear away, it's the best thing for that bear. But if that bear shows any sign of aggression or lack of fear of you, then you certainly want to call Colorado Parks and Wildlife right away," says Mike Porras with CPW.

CPW says if you see a bear, report it to them, instead of police. Call (970) 255-6100 to report a bear sighting.

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