Report: Grand Junction last place in 'safest cities in Colorado' rankings

Published: Jan. 24, 2018 at 8:53 PM MST
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A new report puts Grand Junction dead last among the safest cities in Colorado with a population of at least ten-thousand people.

That report done by the National Council for Home Safety and Security is based on FBI Uniform Crime Report statistics on violent crimes like aggravated assault, murder, rape and robbery, along with property crimes like burglary, arson and theft.

Grand Junction got the basement spot thanks to finishing in the bottom for property crimes per 1,000 people and third from the bottom in violent crimes per 1,000 people. Montrose finished third to last overall.

In response, Grand Junction Police spokesperson Heidi Davidson said the following,

"We certainly have communicated before that we have seen an increase in violent crime in our community in recent years. It concerns us just as much as it does the rest of the community.

While we can't always identify a reason for increases in criminal activity, analysis of crime trends in our community is a valuable tool. We have a City administration and City Council who supports public safety and we add resources wherever and whenever we can.

We believe Grand Junction is a great community to live in, and we have committed law enforcement personnel who work hard to make it a safe, thriving community."

The safest cities on that list are Louisville, Erie, Johnstown, Windsor, Firestone.

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